Who Are We

Never Gonna Stop (NGS) was founded by a group of young francophone men who have experienced many hardships throughout their lives. We are an initiative and a movement to provide easy access to physical and mental health related activities for youth that is inclusive to all genders, racialized identities, all bodies, religion, or economic status in our city, Hamilton, ON.

NGS consists of multiple programs such as basketball, music production, videography and photography, acting, performing arts and modeling. We strive to give youth opportunities to channel positivity and creativity in ways that can help them build strong futures for themselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is a united community that respects diversity, practices equality and speaks out against discrimination.

Meet the Team

Co Founder/Director: David Lingisi, born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Hamilton, Ontario from the age of 4 has been battling with sickle cell disease his entire life. As a producer, David’s illness has limited his ability to move forward with his career. Through it all, David never gave up and is actively working towards being a successful and professional music producer. David also wants to mentor the youth with chronic illnesses in order to help them develop skills to be successful individuals.

Co Founder/Director: Saifon Diallo, immigrated from Guinea and started playing basketball at the age of fourteen. Despite his passion for the game, Saifon lacked family and financial support, which made it difficult for him to obtain opportunities that his friends and teammates were graced with. Saifon is still working hard towards fulfilling his dream of making it to the professional league and inspiring the youth around him.

Director: Joshua Kiena, was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Hamilton. Growing up where gang violence was prevalent, Josh had turned to sports to distract from what was going on in the community around him. As a result, he had developed a passion to help out the youth as he saw that many of them in his area were talented but lacked support financially and morally. He hopes to mentor the youth and guide them on to the right paths in order to keep them away from gang violence.

Where It All Started

The founders of NGS noticed that may of the youth in Hamilton, especially low-income neighbourhoods, were extremely talented but didn't have opportunities to chase their dreams. They did not have the resources, nor platforms to develop and showcase their talents. This drove Saifon, David and Josh to create opportunities for the local youth to do so, in the hopes that they could motivate youth to never stop chasing their dreams, and invest in a brighter future.

NGS realized that the youth had such great potential but got discouraged quickly because of this lack of guidance and resources. As a result, many of the youth would turn to other means of making money and providing for themselves.

Here at NGS, we strive to be that source of guidance and knowledge that the youth in our community need to fulfill their wildest dreams.

Our Mission

Life is a persistent battle. NGS is an initiative aiming to motivate others to work hard without giving up, regardless of their obstacles. NGS focuses on bettering the health and lives of our youth through competitive sports and personal development. We hope to teach our youth the discipline, knowledge and skills to be successful as they progress into adulthood.

Contact Us

Email us at nevergonnastop.official@gmail.com to learn more about what we do, volunteer your time, or setup a donation.